How the glorification of Bruce Jenner and transexuals is proof of the complete failure of moral progressives

Recently, the topic of gender identity, sexuality, and sexual preference have come to a boil ever since Bruce Jenner's coming out party on national television. The mainstream media has long endorsed the LGBT population, and so any opportunity to capitalize on this cause will be met with eager anticipation. The narrative that the media has fed the American public is a continually progressive theme, that draws no lines in the sand. Any and all types of sexual abnormality are simply described as "change" and "progress", with literally no regard as to what the actual change may be. Continually we are told that one is not to judge others, and that everyone is essentially free to do whatever they choose to do with their life, so long as it does not harm others. Objective moral values, in their most traditional sense, have been replaced with societal pressures, cultural norms, and international tastes. One can hardly see through the muddied waters to determine if a particular action is "really right" or "really wrong", at least on a cultural scale. Everything it seems, is now tried and sentenced in the public eye, which is mostly a court of irrationality, emotion, and reaction. The voice of reason has long been lost in the race for progress and "forward thinking". Yet, this race, is one that cannot ever be won since there is no "finish line" or pre-established criteria for determining just what exactly "progress" is heading toward.

At first, progressive thought in the U.S was a great thing, as it paved the way during the civil rights movement during the first half of the 20th century. Recall, however, that these movements more often than not had established actual "destinations" and knew for the most part what it was they were after. For women, it was the right to vote, and for African Americans, it was equal rights across the board. In the 21st century however, there is no established "destination". What has essentially occurred now, and on a wide scale, is that millennials are demanding complete and total social autonomy. A world with "no social standards". The only standard it seems, is to not judge anyone's sexuality, gender, gender type, hair color, clothing preference, weight, height, and so on, and those who do decide to judge, are thrown into the fire of public disgrace for having any standards at all. Ironic maybe?

The Bruce Jenner story is simply another example of the erosion of social standards in America. Possible consequences are ignored, as if they don't even exist. Yet they do exist, and they are more serious than many are ever willing to accept. The transgender debate, if you can even call it one, for example has several questions plaguing its legitimacy:

1.) As Thomas Nagel beautifully articulated with his "what it's like to be a bat" argument in 1974, one cannot assume to understand what it is actually like to be something else, or even someone else because we are all limited by our own mental faculties that prevent even the very idea of being something else. In other words, Bruce Jenner cannot reasonably claim to be a woman simply from some psychological perspective he has concocted, because his very faculties as a biological man prevent such perspectives.

2.) What criteria should we use to determine a man or woman's legal gender? Should their biological identities be ignored and replaced by some subjective determination of the experience-r, and at what age?

3.) Can one claim to only be man or woman, both, or can a combination be claimed?

4.) Is there any possible sex/gender identity/preference that is too far? Animals, implants, etc? After all Afghans have been known to engage sexually with goats, sheep, and horses.

Although these questions are serious matters of concern, its highly unlikely that millennials will put much thought into any of the consequences relating to how we approach these tough issues. The pervasive view in America, is simply to "accept without question" anything and everything that one chooses to do with their own life, so long as it meets the holy standard of "causing no harm to others". But even the one standard that millennials have created for themselves, is essentially without meaning. For how can one rightly determine what causes harm to others, when that same person is dedicated to a position free of judgment? How can one objectively claim that one has been harmed or unharmed in a world where one is dedicated to subjectivity?

The point is that at some point, society must accept a certain moral position, and endorse its consequences, otherwise the revolving door of progressive thought will continue sailing society endlessly into the wind without any direction whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with setting standards, so long as they are the right ones. But no standard at all, is just as chaotic as over-zealous religious nut-jobs who want nothing more than to kill, rape, and destroy. Hopefully society in America can come to terms with acceptable levels of moral and social autonomy, and stick to those standards, regardless of what future advocates of "change" are after. We do not need 0.3% of Americans determining what's right for 99.7% of Americans. A harsh look at what we as Americans believe is certainly in order.

By: Wes Hopkins
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